Wind Power

We have developed ideas for a power plant that will generate electricity for isolated communites so they won't have to pay for electricity from deisel or coal powered power plants. These ideas are beneficial for wind turbine farms.

1. There is a laser-equipped wind turbine farm, their effectiveness is increased by the lasers that enable the wind turbine to adjust the angle to where they are facing. This clears the disadvantage of wind turbines not being to capture all the wind.

2. The next idea is to raise the height of the wind turbines up to 35 meters above the ground surface. This will enable the wind turbine to capture the stronger winds so they will generate more power.

3. Also to limit the noise from the wind turbines we also plan to equip the wind turbines with noise dampeners. These will decrease the limit of the noise.

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These ideas are for a hydroelectric part of the total structure, this allows the power plant to maximize its efficiency and also be able to continue producing power if there is no wind for the wind turbine farm.

1. Finding a suitable site can be difficult, the impact on residents and the environment may be very damaging but to solve this, we plan to place the hydro-electric structure in an area away from residents and in an area where no creature can be harmed.

2. Dams can be expensive and costly to build, however we also plan to use the finished dam to not only create power but to also keep water levels safe and as a flood control system. This will be able to protect the community that it powers from floods.

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Solar Power

We intend to also use solar energy from the sun as this isolated community is nearly always sunny. To clear the disadvantages this is what we thought of.

1.Some people say that it has low efficiency and that it requires large areas of land. But because we have an immense amount of area so this doesn't really matter.

2.Also some people believe that it's not completely free of environmental impact so its a bad idea. But because our are area is isolated and the land will be mainly to put our power plant so its not a disadvantage.

3. The next disadvantage people state is that solar panels are now at high cost. Now, I am well aware of this but, we have an enormous budget and can afford many of these.

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Geothermal Energy

To be used as back up we have established a geothermal part to our power plant, it can also be used when the town is short of energy and need an extra boost, so this geothermal part and with the other renewable sources equals an incredible amount of energy

To maximise its effiency, we plan to take as much energy as possible, and we will dig multiple underground lines


There will be a main building that has a few turbines and three to five generators inside.Underground there will be many cable systems so the energy can travel to the main building, these cable systems connect to the sources of energy which are wind, water, solar and for back up: geothermal. There will be a tall control tower overlooking the dam to control water flow, there is a small radar and antenna on top since this structure is in an isolated area. There will be a long line of power lines that run from the main building towards the town. Estimated cost is about 10-40 million dollars. However, we have a huge budget and we plan to use it.
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Sketch Up Pictures

Now, below here is some pictures of our power plant that WE made from a software named sketch up. It is a 3D modeling software and is a very handy software for things like this.

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wind turbine

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This power plant is designed to be efficient, reliable and could power the community with low cost, unlike the coal or deisal fired power plants that the community once used which cost a lot. And with many sources of energy being harvested, this community would have an almost infinite supply of energy.