Child Soldiers in Africa

Child Soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The DRC is the center and a Large part of Africa and has a large part of the worlds minerals. The DRC has minerals that are used in phones and is used world wide. Because of this, a Large part of the country has gone to war with its self. Since the war outbreak in 1998, 5.4 million people died and 47% of those deaths have been child soldiers.It has been estimated that one in ten Child Soldiers - or 30,000 children - are found in the DRC. The country has a large population of Child Soldiers that were taken away from their homes, ripped away from their families. These children are taken as soldiers and are well fed and given drugs to tempt them and make them stay.
Conflict Minerals, Rebels and Child Soldiers in Congo

Child Soldiers in Mozambique

From May 1977 to October 1992 a civil war raged upon against the government and the anti communist Mozambique rebels. Both sides of the war had child soldiers or fight and kill the opposing people and both had a very large number of deaths of children. children were ripped away from their education and families and forced to fight.
Child Soldiers in Mozambique
Stolen Children - 30 minute documentary - trailer