JHW Inspire Academy - Rockdale

1st Six Weeks 2022-2023

Kick off to school

It is the end of the first six weeks already! Students and teachers have been working hard and time has flown by. At JHW Inspire Academies our mission is to increase the capacity for learning by inspiring every student to BELONG, FIND JOY AND BE GREAT!

ELA - Ms. Aguilar

In ELA, the students are putting their artistic skills to work. We read a short story by M.E. Kerr called "The Sweet Perfume of Goodbye." The students had to write a summary of the story and also create an illustration of any part of the story. We are moving into the second six weeks, non-fiction and fiction will be our next literary focus. We have enjoyed learning new strategies for comprehension and now will be putting those strategies to work by writing summaries and recalling details from short stories we will read in class.

Math - Mr. Pantaleon

What we learned this six weeks: Comparing and ordering decimals and fractions, how to change a decimal into a fraction, fraction into a decimal, identifying rational and irrational numbers, square roots and perfect square roots, solving one and two step equations and intro to functions.

Science - Mr. Dismuke

We began the first six weeks learning and discussing atoms, molecules, and the makeup of all matter in the universe. Students learned how protons, neutrons, and electrons make up an atom and how they interact. We discussed how the number of protons determine what element is made. Next, we learned how multiple atoms make up molecules and how combining different atoms together can make everything in the universe. The periodic table has been a tool we’ve practiced using to solve many types of questions. As the six weeks progressed we moved into more biology, learning that cells are the basic building blocks of life and how some organisms are made up of many cells or even just one cell. We then learned how plants make energy through photosynthesis and what plants need to complete this process, as well as how animals rely on plants for all the energy we have. This six weeks has been about learning what makes up our universe and beginning to learn how and why life on earth is possible thanks to just a few processes our cells complete every single day.

Upcoming Events

1st six weeks Report Cards- Mailed home week of Sept 26

Early Release for students-- October 14 (Teacher Professional Development)

Big picture

Wearing Maroon in support for Uvalde ISD's first day of school. #uvaldestrong

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