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March 2015

4th Grade Writing Camp

The fourth grade annual Camp Write A Lot was held in March. Camp was kicked off in the library with stories and songs around the campfire. For the reminder of the week, students rotated through eight various stations manned by 4th grade teachers, specialists and the librarian. These stations targeted specific ways for the students to improve their writing and get them ready for the STAAR writing test.

Kate Klise Visit

The entire campus was treated to a visit by award winning author, Kate Klise. She spoke to grades 4th and 5th about how to write a good story. She told them to send their character on a journey and to be sure to put an "oh no" moment in their story. With Kinder-3rd grade, she discussed how anyone can become a writer and gave them the "secret recipe" for writing.
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2nd Grade Research

Second grade used the Guided Inquiry Design to do their research on biographies. Students utilized databases on the iPads and used trade books to obtain information about famous people. At home, each student created a "bottle person" in the likeness of their famous person. In the library, students used the Chatterpix app to create a video of their "bottle person" talking. Everyone has really enjoyed having all these special bottle people visitors in the library!

Makerspace Club

This month, the afterschool Makerspace Club faced the challenge of trying to build a parachute to help Jack escape from the Giant. Students went through the process of designing, building, testing, and reflecting on their creations.
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Kinder Research Part Two

Kinder students continued their community helper research using the Guided Inquiry approach. They identified names of community helper and the tools they use in trade books during the Explore stage. Additionally, the students completed their research and created a class book about community helpers.
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1st Grade Battle of the Books

First grade kicked off their annual Battle of the Books. Students will be battling about one of their favorite characters-SkippyJon Jones. SkippyJon Jones is a hysterical kitten who thinks he is a Chihuahua. The first grade battle will be held on Friday, May 15th in the library.

Library Information

  • 1,834 items were checked out. Kinder-216, 1st-337, 2nd-374, 3rd-155, 4th-242, 5th-434
  • 368 walk-ins
  • 48 lessons were taught. Lessons were taught on research for kinder and second grade. In addition, lessons were taught to 1st grade about nonfiction text features.
  • 14 classes came in for check out only.

Upcoming Events

  • Fifth grade research on energy
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