World Hunger

Help The Hungry


Are you aware that there are starving people in America? Do you want to help? Well you are at the right place. World hunger is a very serious problem and by helping it, you will be helping others, and the future generations.

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Every 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger. 75% of them are children. This is a problem we need to fix. Click the link for the citation of this image


Did you know that 18.4% of Texas today are starving of hunger? Well, its true. All throughout history, there has been a hunger problem on this planet. Since 2002, the average starvation rate per state has been 14.7%. All the people who are starving have ways that you can give to them. There are local food banks throughout the country that starving people can go to and get food. All you have to do is either donate to them or help out by volunteering to help pass out food.

Importance of helping

Why wouldn't you help? There are hundreds of starving people in america, and that means that your children could end up being one of them if you don't help out. There are many people's lives depending on those few cans of food that you could donate, and doing that would help them survive another day. Some of these organizations that will help the hungry like Heifer will help get people back on their feet. Heifer not only can supply them with food, it can help people in rural animals support their families by giving them livestock.

What can I Do?

There are many organizations that help feed the hungry, and many different ways to help. If you visit one of these fantastic websites for organizations like Stop Hunger Now, you can learn more about what you can do. On November 13th from 6-7 p.m you can come to First United Methodist Church of Coppell at 420 South Heartz Road, Coppell, TX 75019 to help package meals to send to starving children. You can call (972) 462-0471 for more information.
Help Now at Feeding America

This Is another great website to get helping.