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Stop the Reconstruction

Why Texas hated Reconstruction and Carpetbaggers.

Texas did not like reconstruction because the Union and president Andrew Johnson had many requirements that the South and Texas had to follow to be part of the Union again.The requiremets were: States had to accept the 13th amendment that ended slavery, states had to declare that their secession had been illegal, states had to cancel all war debt, and to receive the right to vote, all adult white males had to declare loyalty to the US. They hated carpetbaggers because after the war people from the North (carpetbaggers) would come and take advantage of the people down south by basically stealing their money. This is why the carpetbaggers were so despised.

Redeemers or Democrats?

During this time i would have supported the Democrats. I don't think treating people that are different than you unequally is right. Everyone deserves to have the same privileges and rights no matter what race you are. The plantation owners, Ku Klux Klan, and all the people that did horrible things to the african american people were so wrong and that is just sad. The African American families got separated, they were beat, starved, worked really long days, and they were hardly even payed. So no, I do not agree with slaveholding and treating the African Americans like they are less than us, because in God's eyes we are all the same.
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