The Liberator

Reform movements


This is a big problem. We need to get rid of it. Half believe we should keep slavery and half want it gone. This should be gone people have held outlawing it for a long time but you just need to rip off the band-aid. if we start slow we'll never get it done. We need to rip off the band-aid that's tearing this country apart.

This is a national sin. African Americans should have just as many rights as anybody else. Its inhumane and cruel. We need to stop slavery and make this country better. Slaves get tortured for basically nothing. Also they often don't know how to read, so they cant reach their full potential.

There are more reasons we should immediately end slavery and segregation. its very inhumane and cruel. Other countries have stopped slavery and we can too. This is a problem and we need to fix it before it starts a war.