Thursday, March 17, 2016

Do Now

How PLC's Do Data Right ~Richard DuFour

Data Meeting- Evaluating Student Work Samples (Practice to Product)

Formative Assessment Power Point

PST- Progress Reports, Attendance, and Positive Behavior Support

1. Who are the students we already identified?

2. Who are the students who are currently failing classes?

3. What is our plan for support?

Never Work Harder Than Your Students

The Seven Principles:

  1. Master teachers start where their students are.
  2. Master teachers know where thier students are going.
  3. Master teachers expect to get thier students to their goal.
  4. Master teachers support thier students along the way.
  5. Master teachers use feedback to help them and their students get better.
  6. Master teachers focus on quality rather than quantity.
  7. Master teachers never work harder than their students.

Important Information

SchoolNet Celebration on Friday

  • A list of student participants has been emailed to all teachers.

Positive PAWS

  • Students will be called to spend their paws on Friday afternoon!