London, United Kingdom

Go to London to try new and fantastic things you'll love.

London's fantastic food facts!

Go to London to try new foods that you'll learn to love! London is actually one of the worlds top cities of restraunts, cafes, markets, and pubs. The food view of the city is huge and very active to other people and countries. The most common and traditional food eaten there in london is pie and mash, jellied eels, and fish and chips. A very popular beverage in London is coffee, its been around since the seventeenth century. London has a lot of variety's of food you can try.

There is more to London's culture, history, and art than you think.

Learn about London's very important history along with its best arts and the amazing culture! London happens to be one of the biggest leading cultural centers in the world. Even more than 270 nationalities make up the big city. In performing arts, London along with the rest of the UK is seen as or recognized for theatre. In London's history, germanic invaders took control of London when Rome was London's leader. London does have a lot of theatre, and its history is very important to the UK and it has a bunch of cultures you can learn about.

Fun entertainment and activities along with tourism take place in london.

Tourism in this big city has led to people finding out all the fun activities and the entertainment you can try out! The huge city is a gigantic center for tourism or tourist. A popular activity done by people in London is taking a ride on the London Eye. Also, going to Madame Tassauds is a very big activity too, you get to see wax figures of famous people back then and now. An entertainment in London is Covent Garden, it is a street entertainment and means shopping and nightlife. Tourism and tourist are very popular there, there's also a lot of activities to do along with entertainment.

London's landmarks and historical sights are known all around the world!

Visit popular historical sights and beautiful landmarks in London. London seems to be one of the oldest and historical cities in the world! The tower of London borders the city and is also the oldest landmark there. The tower of London stands as multiple structures, a royal palace, prison, jewel house, fortress, and more. Also, the London Eye is the worlds highest observation wheel. In London, there is plenty of places to go and learn about.
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London's numerous languages!

London's language has more to it than just English. Although London's main language is English, London also has more than 250 languages being spoken there. Regional languages are spoken there as well. Their English is different from our English by spelling, pronunciation, idiom, and intonation. London's language is very similar to ours, but only has small differences.

A greart vacation includes great weather!

Go to London when it's the right weather. In London, frequent weather changes do occur. The climate isn't always the same, it can change in huge ways. Rainfall, melted snow, and more types of moisture are usually on the grounds of London. If you like cold weather, then London is the best place for you during the winter, the temperature can drop barely below freezing. London weather can be really different, but it's worth to go over there.
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