Starting A New Year in Canvas

July 2017

Student Sign In Guide

As there has been some confusion for some students, a guide was created to walk them through the process of logging into the Canvas site. The guide gives users the correct website, username format, and assistance finding their username and password in Parent Portal.

Canvas Student Guide:

Link above can be shared directly with students and parents.

Email Reminder

For students that have emails, the start of the year is a good time to let them know about what they should expect from Canvas courses. If communication will be a component of the course, consider reminding your students to make sure they have updated their contact information and notifications.

How do I change my default email address in my user account?

How do I set my Canvas notification preferences?

Student Privacy in Canvas

Although we have taken precautions to protect student privacy in Canvas, there are some instances that teachers will need to use certain settings, as a best practice, to protect student privacy.

Need help?

If you have any issues, you can always reach help desk by emailing directly or using the Canvas help link.

To email directly, send the details of your issue You can also click the help icon in Canvas ( question mark in a circle at the bottom of the icon list ), and select "IUSD HelpDesk".

Make sure to include the details of your issue: names of users impacted, course name, page name, page URL, wording of error message, and screenshots, if possible, should be attached. Screen shots, in our current help desk system, do not show up if sent in the body of the email, and will need to be attached.