Strengthening Your RTI Reading

Two Day Intensive Conference


May 18-19, 2017 / San Antonio, TX

Specifically Designed for K-6 District and School Leaders and Leadership Teams: District Curriculum Coordinators; Title I Directors; RTI Directors; Principals; Literacy Coaches; Reading Specialists and Classroom Teachers on School or District Teams or Committees

Powerful Strategies for Accelerating Achievement for Struggling Students

Learn how to better lead your school or district RTI Reading team in this strategy-packed two-day conference led by nationally acclaimed presenter, Kelly Harmon. You will discover how to work with teachers to identify and implement the most effective cutting-edge, research-based instructional strategies to increase school and district wide student reading achievement. You will learn how to develop teacher expertise in working with struggling readers along with ways to continually monitor and adjust instruction based on student results.

Goals of the Conference

  • Learn the key components of the most exemplary RTI Reading programs that accelerate the success of struggling learners and how you can incorporate these components into your existing RTI program

  • Organize your RTI Reading program based on the tenets of effective instruction and examine the structures that work best to increase student achievement

  • Build a powerful success model for students incorporating your state standards and strategies for teaching your state standards in small and whole group instruction

  • Develop teacher expertise in working with at-risk students to close the achievement gap and make more than adequate yearly reading progress

  • Acquire dozens of instantly usable strategies, innovative tips and techniques you can use and share with your school and district RTI Reading teams

This is a unique opportunity to evaluate your own RTI Reading program in light of current research that identifies the most effective instructional practices, and gain an in-depth look at the key components of highly successful RTI Reading programs and how these can be applied to your own school or district model. Take an intensive look at what works for struggling readers and how you can adapt it to meet the needs in your school or district. You will walk away with dozens of practical strategies and an extensive resource handbook to help you lead and teach your teachers.

Outstanding Strategies You Can Use!

  • Key components of exemplary RTI programs that accelerate student learning … Implications for your own school or district program
  • Develop a repertoire of intervention strategies your teachers can use with students
  • Effectively track and document student progress toward mastery of your grade-level state standards
  • Practical intervention ideas to increase fluency in reading and math computation
  • Learn organizational structures that work best to accelerate achievement
  • What highly effective teachers know and do when working with at-risk populations
  • Proven strategies to scaffold thinking and plan lessons that build on students’ prior knowledge and skills
  • Techniques for grouping students by specific instructional needs for guided reading and math instruction
  • Formal and informal assessments to quickly determine what’s important to teach next to ensure acceleration of reading achievement
  • Specific ideas to provide scientifically research-based instruction that will enable you and your teachers to strengthen students’ reading, writing and math skills
  • Strategies for recording and representing new knowledge including academic notebooks, graphic organizers and note-making tools
  • How to track student progress and provide specific, formative feedback to students, co-teachers and parents
  • How to build on what you currently have in place by targeting what your students really need and what you can add or change
  • Best practices for your state standards, RTI and a wealth of practical strategies ideal for struggling students
  • Discover simple, interactive activities to target specific comprehension skills
  • Use focus lessons and thinking strategies to teach new content, deepen understanding and practice skills
  • Create rigorous, student-centered tasks that allow students to utilize their knowledge and skills across the curriculum

A Message From Your Seminar Leader

Dear Colleague:

Teaching struggling, at risk readers can be the most rewarding, yet challenging endeavor an educator can undertake. As a teacher of many struggling students, I have seen children flounder due to misconceptions about the specific instruction the child actually needs to increase understanding and learning. The most important ingredient is a teacher who has the expertise to determine what the student already knows and how to build on that knowledge. In addition, an effective and efficient organization and set up of an RTI program can make reaching the goals for at risk students much more attainable. Join your colleagues for two days dedicated to building teacher expertise and planning for a successful RTI program in your school or district.

During the two days, I will share with you many proven and research based strategies that accelerate the reading achievement of at risk students. You’ll experience hands on strategies to increase teacher expertise and build on your current RTI model. Grouping, assessment, choosing high impact materials and technology, developing thinking skills, and motivating students are just some of the topics I will address.

I extend to you a personal invitation with a pledge from me that you’ll leave this two day conference with dozens of practical strategies for accelerating your students reading’ achievement and for building and enhancing your entire RTI program. You’ll also leave with the extensive resource handbook I wrote specifically for this two day program to help you work with your students, teachers and teams to increase the achievement of your struggling learners.


Kelly Harmon

P.S. You will learn dozens of specific instructional strategies you can use to greatly increase the success of your grades K-6 students.

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Kelly Harmon & Robert Marzano teamed up to writePracticing Skills, Strategies, & Processes. The book is part of the Essentials for Achieving Rigor Series.

Practicing Skills, Strategies, & Processes: Classroom Techniques to Help Students Develop Proficiency explores explicit techniques for mastering this crucial strategy of instructional practice. It includes:

  • Explicit steps for implementation
  • Recommendations for monitoring students’ ability to develop fluent thinking
  • Adaptations for students who struggle, have special needs, or excel in learning
  • Examples and non-examples from classroom practice
  • Common mistakes and ways to avoid them

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"Really great training! Engaging, very informative, and LOTS of great resources!!"

- Brandy

Mansfield, TX

"Great seminar! I will most definitely implement the ideas given in my classroom!"


Duncanville, TX

"LOTS to walk away with! I am excited about the new expertise and ideas I have to share with teachers at my campus. Thank you!"


San Antonio, TX

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Strengthening Your RTI Program Two Day Intensive Conference

Thursday, May 18th, 8:30am

850 Halm Boulevard

San Antonio, TX


May 18-May 19, 2017

8:30am - 3:30pm each day

Registration Begins at 8:00am

Coffee and muffins will be provided each day


La Quinta Inn San Antonio Airport


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12 Hours of Professional Development will be awarded

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