Chelsea Cruz, Hour 6


Jan Matzeliger the inventor of shoes was born in Paramaribo in 1852. When he came to the U.S he worked very hard to learn english. Jan Matzeliger was a big part in the shoe industry. He believed that there had to be a way to develop an automatic method for long lasting shoes.

With that thought in his head he invented a shoemaking machine. This machine could make 700 pairs of shoes 10x more the amount than a human could ever do. Shoe production increased dramatically. This machine was great. Shoes have evolved for the better thanks to him and this machine.

Way before this machine was invented the process of making shoes was done entirely by hand. Humans before wrapped animal skin and fur as shoes. Every shoe now and days has a sole, soles back then were made to keep feet off the dirty streets and that's clearly the purpose for soles today. All the shoes back then were very similar. They were different shape but same idea.

Sadly, Jan Matzeliger developed tuberculous and died August 24, 1889. We can thank him for the development of shoes.