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Bullying Awareness Month

Every October, schools around the country recognize National Bullying Prevention Month, a time when we focus on and raise awareness on bullying.

Here are some ways parents can get involved in bullying prevention:
1) Understand what bullying is.
2) Recognize the signs of bullying
3) Talk about bullying
4) Know your child's rights
5) Model positive social behavior
6) Teach your child social skills
7) Be an "Upstander", not a "bystander": teach kids to prevent bullying when they see it
8) Coach your child to handle teasing and bullying
9) Know what to do if your child is the bully
10) Get involved

This month, counselors will be making our way to the classrooms to talk about what "bullying" is and how we can each be "upstanders" to make sure that we speak up for others who are being mistreated and report what is happening to a safe adult so they can help.

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Wrapping Up Mini-Meetings

It has been so much fun connecting with all of the Becker students in our mini-meetings. Even though they are designed to be really quick, they can sometimes last 5-10 minutes each! Because of the time that it is taking, we are still working our way from class to class to make sure we connect with ALL of our Becker Bobcats!


Mini-Meetings with ALL Students!

This month, the counseling team's goal is to meet with ALL Becker K-5 students individually for Mini-Meetings. This will be an opportunity to check in with your child and see how we can support them.

As we go classroom by classroom for our Mini-Meetings, we will also introduce our roles to each class..

We look forward to supporting campus needs, conferencing with teachers and caregivers, providing restorative circles, and meeting individual student needs as well.

Please reach out if we can support your child!

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Welcome Back 8/26/22

Welcome back to school Becker Bobcats, its going to be a great year! Our counseling team has grown--- we are very excited to announce that Ms. Ashley Rockwood will join the counseling team this year! We're eager to kick off the new school year by connecting with each and every one of our students these next couple of weeks! We will be joining each classroom to introduce the counseling team and to make sure our Bobcats know how to access us when they need us.

Amy Wells

This will be the 5th year that Ms. Wells has been our school counselor at Becker. This year, Ms. Wells and Ms. Rockwood will be job sharing so Ms. Wells will be supporting our Bobcats social-emotional needs part-time. She may be here less hours but her dedication to our students and community is still the same. You can find her on campus all day Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons. Please never hesitate to reach out to her with any questions or needs!

Ashley Rockwood

Ms. Rockwood will be taking on two roles this year; on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays you can find her supporting our kiddo's social-emotional needs as school counselor. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, she'll be providing academic support to our students receiving special education services!

Courtney Perry

We are really lucky to have the support of Courtney Perry this year. Not only is she knowledgeable about the social and mental health needs of children, she was also an AISD educator for almost two decades. Courtney is currently in the UT Master's of Social Work program and will be interning with Ms. Wells and supporting the Brain Lab every Monday-Wednesday.

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