Coach's Corner

Issue 4/October 2016

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Extra! Extra!

Just a small Coach's Corner with some information I felt might be useful to some of you before we head back to school. I plan to keep this short and sweet!

Instructional Rounds

Instructional Rounds will take place again in November, and the process will be similar to the one we used last spring. Soon, I will be asking for volunteers to visit and be visited, and I hope you will consider taking part in this powerful process by observing some great teaching and enhancing your own practices. I am attaching a copy of our Instructional Snapshot form as this helps structure our debriefing conversations. More info coming soon...

Middle School Instructional Snapshot

Strategy Stop!

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Creating a Learner-Friendly Classroom

If you are using Fall Break to give your classroom a makeover, consider using this Learner- Friendly Environment Survey from Jim Knight's book High Impact Instruction. Click on the button below to access the survey, rate your room, and maybe perk up one or two areas to create an better learning space for you and your students. I have highlighted the areas that are also assessed on our Teacher Effectiveness Rubric. Knight suggests redesigning your classroom at the same time that you introduce new behavioral strategies, letting students know that they are "starting fresh".

The pictures below are some that I have collected for my own environmental inspiration.

Just For Fun

If you don't know "LexPrin" the Lexington Principal on YouTube, you are missing out! Check out his latest invention, the Google Teacher Translate App, just in time for conferences.
Google Teacher Translate.....