By Arav


Fantasy is a genre that uses spells and other supernatural powers as a main plot. Magical creatures are also common.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre with futuristic settings and items such as laser gun.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction is a genre were you feel like you're on an adventure in real life.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a genre were the setting is in the past usaly with someone thats famous.


Romance is a genre about the emotions between 2 people. The ending is usally emotional.


Thriller is a genre that's purpose is to scare the reader with tales with ethier gore or mystery.


Mystery is a genre that creates a lot of tension. The reader follows a detective that is trying to solve a proplem such as finding out who committed a crime.


Humor is a genre about provoking laughter or to make you smile. People read humor book when they are sad, having a dull day, or just want to have a laugh. Joke book are humor books.


Adventure books mostly contain phisical danger, life or death situations and exiting risks.


Autobiography is a genre that is written by the person that you are reading about.


Biography is someone writting about someone elses life. It usaly involes memories happy and sad, or ones that shapes thier lifes.


Memoir is a genre about memoires of a persons life. Can be public or privite, happy or sad. Basicly its memorible moments of his or her life.