How you change the way you learn?

Yes, you can by changing your mindset

By: James Chua

What is a mindset?

A mindset is how you respond to praise or failure at a certain subject. Fixed mindsets would take praise seriously and would take failure as a bad. Growth mindset is better for a student because they use praise to their advantage and failure as a sign to do better next time.

How do mindsets change performance?

They can change how students react to good or bad in their problems. They can either not want to do it because they failed or want to try again to do better if they fail. They can change if they do it again or just not do it.

What kind of mindsets are there?

Growth Mindsets

A growth mindset is when a person tries again when they fail and takes praise lightly. This view makes the student's brain grow and develop into some thing better. The challenges they face will make them want to become better at what they do, that is very important to developing a student's intelligence to become better.

Fixed mindset

A fixed mindset is a type of mindset that people will take praise to what they can actually do and don't want to try again if something is too hard. When they are praised they think they are at that level of thinking so they try to do harder challenges to prove how smart they are based on what they heard.When a challenge is too hard for them they shut down and say they can't. They think they stay at what level they are.