Raphael Sanzio

By Quinn Graham

Raphael's Life

Raphael Sanzio was born April 6th, 1483 in Urbino, Italy. At around 16 years old, he worked in the workshop of the painter Perugino, which affected his style of painting very much. He moved around from town to town, but mainly stayed in Italy. He was a very religious type of person, as portrayed in his paintings. His patrons were pope Julius the second and pope Leo the sixth, and they commissioned many paintings from him. Some of his most famous works were the Sistine Madonna, The Transfiguration, and the Madonna of Loreto. He died at age 38 on April 6th, 1520 of a fever in Rome, Italy.

Raphael's Work on the Sistine Madonna

The Sistine Madonna was one of Raphael's best paintings. It was commissioned in 1512 and was finished that same year. This painting has been featured in books everywhere, whereas the real painting is held in a museum in Germany. This painting is famous for its incredible detail, and partly for the two cherubs at the bottom. They are on everything from postcards to candy tins. I find this piece interesting because it is incredibly difficult to paint now, and it must have been much harder to paint back then. Classicism is represented in this painting because the woman is ideal. There are little to no visible flaws.