Ice breakers

Carlos Rodriguez, Max macouzet, Alan Amado, Jose Gallegos

What is an Ice breakers?

The ice breaker is a short way to how to start a conversation with one or more persons, the ice breaker is use to prevent any akward situations

In what situations probably use ice breakers?

For example in a new year of class the most of the teachers use ice breakers to introduce with the students and the ice breakers introduce the students with other students to interact with other students
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3 steps to the ice breakers

Activity.- Know better your partners

Make pairs to a different person and ask this questions.

If you have a superpower what would be and why?

The thing you must love in the world?

If you have a chance to change anything you do it?

Introduction/Icebreaker Activities for 6 - 12 Year Old Participants

Review.- What is an ice breaker?

The ice breakers help us to know new people interactive, with funny games, discussions of topics and know the new people with topics in common.

The ice breaker must be.

  1. Fun or least interesting
  2. Incluide all the people with No exclusion