The Apache Belles

By: Lyla Allen

1947-current, About the Apache Belles

The Team was founded my Mildred Stringer.

The Belles made their first appearance September 27, 1947

The current director is Jasilyn Schaefer

Team is well known for their high kick and precision dance.

January 1, 1950

The belles participated in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. They also Preformed at the state fair on "East Texas day" and ended up on the same program as Frank Sinatra.

1967, the girls present an award to Lady Bird Johnson which made her an official honorary of the Apache belles

2004, The girls perform at two military bases in Hawaii


The Girls Perform at the Capitol One Game hosted by Espn
Apache Belles #6869 kick routine . Vs Blinn 2015