The Greek News

By Sam and Jacob

Mysterious break in!

There was a break in yesterday. Somebody broke into homes and stole money. When citizens were interviewed they say they had no idea that someone broke into their neighbor's home and say they had heard no noise when it happened. Then the people who were robbed say there is nothing left in the house.

Today the guards caught the criminal and it was one of the people that had said that it was someone that was in jail. His name is Kan-do and he is now in jail.

War has started.

There is war happening it is Greece against Rome the fight is deadly and many people have died. The Greek army is working very hard to win but Rome is becoming more powerful and this is not looking to good for Greece. Warfare is a very hard time for families that have sent their sons to war and this is a very sad time. Warfare is seen as a necessary evil of human condition. Their weapons are a long spear a short sword and a bronze shield.


There was an amazing play yesterday at the Olympics when Alexander the great won the race

by going as fast as he could and using a strategy that when the other racers got close he will just go faster then when right there be side him was the racers ramming into him.Also when you think they were gone they just kept coming back to get ahead of him. Also the race ended with him using his strategy he left the other racers in the dust and he was victorious.


Yesterday when the big and brutal fight happen there was one death and

to resemble his death we all remembered What he did we wrote a big

Long note to show what he had done here is some of it.(He was a great warrior and he served a great battle.)