Ozark Mountains

By Aaron Isaacs

Aaron Isaacs

I'm the Author and I like wings and being with friends.

Some facts about the Ozarks

In August 21, 1913 four people were killed in the Ozark Mountains in 10 minutes. R.I.P Russle Snow, Mrs. Bert Moore, Frank Gesingler, and Sid Hamon.Another fact is July 13, 1911 People mined 20 feet into a mountain to save a dog, "We've neglected our corn crop maybe but Old Drive was worth it!" Said the owner. The next fact is the Ozarks are the oldest Mountain ranges in the World! Another one is the Ozarks occupy about 50,000 square miles. 13,000 - Arkansas, 33,000 - Missouri, 4,000 - Kansas and Illinois.

I found these facts at Cdnc.ucr.edu, news.google.com, theozarkmountains.com, and WWW.Britannica.com

My topic, if you couldn't tell, was the Ozark Mountains.