By-Ichha Manandhar 8th period 12/3/15


Subsidence is the gradual carving or sinking of an area of a land. Human activities mostly cause subsidence. Bad human impact/negative effects on environment of subsidence is oil spills, water pluming, sink holes, drainage of organic soils, gas from underground and hydro-compaction. For example when a lot of water is being taken form underground, it causes the land to sink down which causes subsidence. People are also effected by subsidence because when buildings get weak and collapse it might fall on people and hurt them. House subsidence can also effect people living in that house. House subsidence is subsidence in a house. House subsidence is when the ground is so light and soft that it can't hold any capacity and when the volume of the soil is reduced. Subsidence can effect League city because subsidence occurs almost everywhere. Subsidence occurs almost in every state. Subsidence can effect most wildlife such as animals and trees. One way is that plants and animals might fall into a sinkhole and die. Some of the animals affected by longwall mining subsidence are; Blue Mountains water skink, giant dragonfly, broad-headed snake, Epacris hamiltonii, eastern pygmy possum, giant burrowing frog, stuttering frog, large-footed myotis. There isn't really a solution to subsidence however people are trying to reduce bad human impacts on subsidence. My solution for this problem is to make a law that forbids any bad human impact on subsidence because subsidence is mainly caused by humans. I believe that my idea will work if everyone joins together to help our planet.

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- This article talks about the causes and the effects of subsidence in United States.

- This article talks about how animals/wildlife are effected by subsidence. For example, longwall mining subsidence effects animals that live in that area.

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