Howard Carter

discovered King Tut

The Discovery

Howard Carter was born in May 9,1874 . Howard Carter's nationality is British. He died March 2, 1939.Howard Carter was an English Archaeologist and an Egyptologist Howard Carter got famous after Discovering an "intact tomb" of the 14th century BC pharaoh Tutankhamun ( for short king Tut) in Nov. 1922.In that tomb was the worlds richest royal collection ever found .King Tut's death was a very big deal ,people think that King Tut was murdered, he was 19 when he died but, who murdered him? he had no disease of any kind or was it a natural death?

King Tut

King Tut was the most famous pharaoh out of all the other pharaohs, that's because he has more mysteries than any of them.King Tut was born in 1341 BC, and king Tut died in ancient Egypt.King Tut's demise was a very big deal ,King Tut became a pharaoh when he was nine years old So, he's been ruling for ten years.

The Explorer's and King Tut

Questions Ask

The Questions

There has been questions asked about King Tut's death and how he died, his demise was a very big deal. They put King Tut;s body through a CT. Scanner to see if he had any disease of any kind yet, there was no disease. It showed no signs of " Malnutrition" But, they did note a bad fraction just above the left knee. " It is possible that this injury became infected and killed the king"

Tut's Tomb

Richest stuff ever found