Multiple Intelligences

Ms. Quigley's Report

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What Are Multiple Intelligences?

Different ways that we think and can learn about things.


  • Linguistic- Word Smart
  • Logical- Number Smart
  • Musical- Music Smart
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic- Body Smart
  • Spatial- Picture Smart
  • Naturalist- Nature Smart
  • Interpersonal- People Smart
  • Intrapersonal- Myself Smart

What Do These Intelligences Say About Me?

  • Linguistic-reading,write stories/essays; tell jokes, stories, puns; use expanded vocabulary; play word games; use words to create images
  • Logical- work with numbers, figure things out, analyze situations; see how things work; precision in problem solving
  • Musical- listen to/play music; match feelings to music/rhythm; sing & hum; create/replicate tunes
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic- play sports/be physically active; engage in risk taking; dance, act; engage in crafts, play with mechanical objects
  • Spatial- doodle, paint/draw; create 3D representations; look at/create maps & diagrams; take things apart/put them back together
  • Naturalist- spend time outdoors; collect plants, rocks, animals; listen to outdoor sounds; notice relationships in nature; classify
  • Interpersonal- enjoy many friendships; lead, share, mediate; help others with their problems; be an effective team member
  • Intrapersonal- reflect; control own feelings/mood; pursue personal interests & set individual agendas; learn through observing/listening