Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story

Main Characters

The main character of the book is Jacob Gutgel, also known as Genyek to the Roslans. He is a very brave, strong boy who had to go through so much confusion and jealousy during the Holocaust with a family in which he warmed up to and considers them family. Alex Roslan took on resposibility of Jacob and David and he turns into a father to them. He goes into the city and trades things for food for the two of them and makes sure Jacob gets his operation for scarlet fever, as well as moving the family safely when they have a close encounter with the SS. Mela Roslan took on a motherly approach to Jacob and his younger brother and became attatched with the children almost immediately. She doesn't want anything to happen to her family, including Jacob and her brother because they grew very close and Mela would often calm the kids down and make them food, helping them survive the Holocaust.


The story of Jacob's brave rescue takes place in the late 1930's- early 1940's when Hitler and the SS were overtaking Europe. During this book, the Germans and other nations were at a huge war known as World War 2 and the Holocaust was going. The SS were trying to take away and kill as many Jews as possible, that's why Jacob and David were both hiding with the Roslans, a Polish family.

Connections to the Righteous Among Nations Award

1) The first thing they did that makes them deserve the award is the fact that the Roslans took in Jacob. The fact that the family was willing to risk their lives, AND their children's lives is incredible. They are a respectable family.

2) The second thing is that the family tried to take in all of his brothers along side him. Alex and Mela tried to take care of Sholom but he passed on, but the fact that they tried makes them brave. What makes it even better is how they took in David as well, and he survived. Taking care of 2 Jews in a small area with the SS lurking around is a huge thing.

3) The third, but not last thing is that Alex sold the family's apartment just to get Jacob his scarlet fever surgery. The fact that he was risking everything for this boy makes it an even braver act of valor.

Quote/ Citation Panel

"Hey Genyek, you're not so bad for a Jew."

This sentence spoke out strong because it shows that not all the people in Europe hate Jews and that they're really not bad people. It shows that when people hear bad things about someone, they stick to their assumptions but when they get to know them, the person really isn't that bad.

Audio^ / Reflection

This book was about how the Jews coped with with the Holocaust and the SS trying to get them. It showed the difficulties in having to be a certain religion and why they are the strongest for surviving through this. This book can definitlely be read twice because it is so enjoyable and it's very entertaining and suspenseful. This book is a 4.5 / 5.