HES School Counseling

September Edition

A Message from Ms. Reeves

We are settling back into the new school year. It has been great getting to work with your students these last few weeks. Kids are doing a great job learning the rules and procedures of school, so this month the school counseling program is going to focus on the academic development of our students.

September is School Attendance Awareness Month

Helping your students to present and on time for school is one of the most powerful ways families can help student's be successful in school and life!
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September Events

September 4- Labor Day/ No School
September 5- 9
  • Character Education Word of the Week: Responsible
  • Cullman County Schools Starts Rhithm Check Ins for Students Whose Parents have given permission (Call or email with any questions)
  • 1st Nine Week Progress Reports Go Home
  • Advocacy Groups Meet
  • Fifth Grade Jason Presentation
September 12-17
  • Character Education Word of the Week: Organization/ Cleanliness
  • Classroom Guidance Lesson: Study Skills with focus on Organization

September 19-23

  • Character Education Word of the Week: Punctuality

September 26-30

  • Character Education Word of the Week: Attentive

September Character Education for the Month: Responsibility

This month for character education Hanceville Elementary will be focusing on teaching students what it means to be responsible. In short, being responsible really means doing what is needed and understanding your choices belong to you. We will continue to discuss being responsible by talking about other traits of responsible people. The first trait of responsible people will discuss is organization and cleanliness. We discuss how people who are organized and value cleanliness demonstrate responsibility. Next we will talk about punctuality, being on time, is part of being responsible and dependable. Finally, we will talk about how being attentive both by being a good listener and focusing on task at hand is part of being responsible. Being responsible is a huge part of success in school and in the workforce. Please talk to your students about responsibility and give them opportunities to show responsibility in their daily lives.

September Character Education Book of the Month

A Little Spot of Responsibility

Classroom Guidance

This month for our large group classroom guidance activities we will be expanding on what it means to responsible by focusing on skills and traits to help you be more successful in school and career. K-2 classes will be focused on organization. Students get to see first hand how being organized can help make life easier through a race to find something in a backpack.

Our older students (grades 3-5) will be learning important study skills such as time management, note taking, et cetera. They will do a self assessment to help them make goals for improving their study skills.

Then all students K-5 will learn about the importance of good attendance. They will play a game where they learn to distinguish when it is appropriate to miss school and strategies to have better attendance.

Counselor's Corner: Helpful Information

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