the different things that makeup the cell and has different jobs to help the cell which helps us.


It breaks down sugar and molecules to make energy. It is in both animals and plant cells.Its similar job its like a power plant.
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The nucleus holds the DNA, and controls the functions of the cell.It is in both plants and animal cells. A similar job in real life is a president/mayor/principle.
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cell membrane

the cell membrane controls what enters and leaves the cell.It is in both animal and plant cells. It's similar job in real life is like a doorman.
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the chloroplast convert the sun rays into energy.It is only in a plant cell. It's job is like a solar power plant.
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Ribosomes create proteins that the cell needs. It is found in the plant and animal cells.

it's similar job is small factories.

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cytoplasm are the fluid that fill the cell. it's in both animal and plant cells. It's similar job is where the action happens.
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stores waste like carbon dioxide and other things. Its in both animal and plant cell.Its job is like a storage warehouse
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Cell theory

all living things are composed of cells. Cells are the basic unit of life. cells come from preexisting cells.

cell wall

the cell wall protects the cell from injury. It's only in a plant cell.It's similar job is a security guard
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A prokaryote is a single-celled organism.some examples are bacteria and the nucleoid.

-No nucleus

- no plant and animal cells

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eukaryotic cells

a eukaryote cells contain nucleus and other structures.

-plant and animal cells

- Multi cellular

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Plant and animal cells

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body organization

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