Belo Monte Dam

By Natalia Loga

The Belo Monte Dam is being constructed on the Xingu River located in the state of Para, Brazil. The dam is a hydroelectric dam, it produces electricity from the water flowing through it. The Dam will supply electricity for homes and businesses, but is criticized by native people and numerous environmental organizations.


My solution to this situation in my opinion, can satisfy the environmental, economical, and social groups. Instead of building a Dam, they should construct wind turbines. Specifically the blade-less wind turbines. I chose the blade-less wind turbines because the take up a really small amount of space because their base isn’t that big and all the action goes up into the sky (environmental). The blade-less wind turbines still produces energy (economical). Lastly, the wind turbines don’t take up a lot of space and can be put anywhere. Even in the water. So they won’t bother anyone (social). Therefore a blade-less wind turbine is a better and more satisfying solution to this situation.
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