Fun things

Nadia Sadati 3

Day 1: A day in the Breakers

The Breakers was created by Henry Morrison Flagler. The Breakers burned down on June 9,1903. Years after Henry's death, fire damaged the building made only of wood. Then, The Breakers got rebuilt.
Fishing: Florida Keys & Key West , Fishing near Coral reef SpanishFlyTV/Jose Wejebe

Day 2: Fishing in Key West

When you fish in Key West, you will catch many different kinds of fish. Some kinds fishes you might catch are the puffer fish, clown fish, and sword fish.

Day 3: Swimming with the dolphins in key west

Swimming with the Dolphins is very popular in Key West. You get to swim with a bottlenose dolphin for thirty minutes. You must be six years or older to swim with the dolphins. If you're six through twelve years old, you'll have to be accompanied by an adult.

Day 4: exploring the museum of discovery and science

When you go to the Museum of Discovery And Science, you can explore many different things. One thing you can do is to see an amazing IMAX film. Also, you can go to many rides and even explore the everglades.

Day 5: relaxing in dreher park

Dreher park is an amazing and beautiful park. You can visit Dreher Park on Saturdays and Sundays. While you're relaxing in Dreher Park, you can have a picnic and play some volleyball.