Abby's Up to date news

Written and edited by: ACS

My favorite sport is...

...figure skating! I love to skate it is my passion and my joy. I figure skate three times a week at All Seasons Arena. I love to skate and my favorite jump is a waltz jump. My favorite spin is a sit spin!

My summer fun...

In the summer, sense their is no skating, I love to swim and do triathlons. In triathlons you run, bike, and swim. They are VERY fun!

Some things I like...

My favorite class in school... MATH!!

I love math because your mind gets tested and worked. I enjoy the work and my brain has fun doing it!

My favorite book... Canterwood Crest Academy by Jessica Burkhard. I love that book because this girl (Sasha Silver) gets accepted in to the most prestegous borarding school in all of Main! When the other girl realize how good Sasha is, the girls' claws come out!