HSE Bands Car Wash Fundraiser

Raise Funds for Your Student Account and HSE Bands!

Car Wash Details

We wanted to give you heads up on a fundraiser that will be announced to students tomorrow afternoon:

HSE Bands Car Wash

Date: August 10, 2019 from 8am – 12pm

HSE Bands practice lot

Cost for Car Wash: $10

Accepted forms of payment: Cash or check made payable to HSE Royal Guardians

The HSE Bands Car Wash Fundraiser's main goal is to provide our students the opportunity to reduce band fees up to a maximum of $50 per student, (selling 5 tickets)! If students choose to sell more than 5 tickets, the proceeds will go to the HSE Bands general fund. Funds raised from non-ticketed cars the day of the car wash will also go directly to HSE Bands.

Participation in selling the tickets is optional, but highly encouraged. Even if you paid your fees in full, you can raise money toward your band account to pay future fees.

Participation at the car wash is expected for everyone, as rehearsal was already on the schedule for this time. At our previous car wash, the students had a LOT of fun! Sunshine (hopefully), water hoses, soapy bubbles, laughing and bonding with your RCG family! It's a pretty good trade off for rehearsal time!

YES! I Want to Sell Tickets for the Car Wash Fundraiser!

Here's how we will get started:

  • On Wednesday, July 24, 2019 from 4:00-4:45pm (during snack/dinner break), Kim Weber and Joann Kolesar will be set up at a table to administer ticket distribution.
  • Each student who chooses to participate will be given an envelope with their name on it with 5 tickets inside.
  • At the acceptance of the tickets, the student will sign the log sheet stating that they received 5 tickets and then they will write their name on each ticket so we can keep track of who sold the ticket once it is redeemed at the car wash.
  • The front of the envelope will be used for the student to keep track of who they sold the tickets to.
  • Students who wish to sell additional tickets over the 5 can ask for more tickets when they pick up their envelope on July 24th as well as during lunch or dinner breaks July 29th – August 1st. Another option is to contact Kim Weber (vicepresident@hsehsbands.com) or Joann Kolesar studentaccounts@hsehsbands.com).
  • The maximum amount to be applied to a student’s band fees is $50; all additional sales will go to the general band fund.
  • Students will return the cash collected from their ticket sales and any unsold tickets in the same envelope to a box in Mrs. Torres’ office on or before August 8, 2019. The envelope, which will have all of the people’s names they sold tickets to, will be brought to the car wash so we can reference it for those who forgot/lost their ticket.
  • It is important that students return unsold tickets on or before August 8th, 2019 or the student will be charged for them.

Please make sure your student comes to rehearsal tomorrow knowing if they will be selling tickets. If you have any questions about the car wash, please contact Kim or Joann (emails above).