by Samuel Pardinas

Legal(Prescription) Drugs

There are legal drugs which are good for you because the doctor is prescribing you for these kind of drugs. But if you end up getting addicted to the drug you might end up overdosing which ends up in death. Prescription drugs are good for medical use but some people just abuse the drug and end up dying.

Illegal Drugs

Drugs like heroin and cocaine are dangerous because they cause things and make u see things that are not real. Marijuana is a type of illegal drug. Marijuana is illegal because it has different side effects and marijuana is the most abused illegal drug. Illegal drugs are dangerous because you can get addict on the drug and end up overdose which leads to the person to die.

Legalizing Drugs

Canada and some legalized Marijuana for medical use. Other places want to legalized drugs. Some people don't like the idea of legalizing illegal drugs because its dangerous but some place in the United States thinks that legalizing drugs is the proper course to take.

My opinion

In my opinion, Illegal drugs should stay illegal because the drugs are dangerous and if they legalize the illegal drugs kids might end up buying or come in contact with the drugs. So I think the drugs should stay illegal because might end up getting exposed to it.

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