Bill Clinton's Pardoning Presidency

Justin Greathouse

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In 1995 President Bill Clinton began an affair with 21 year old intern Monica Lewinsky. When asked about the affair President Clinton lied and was charged with two articles of impeachment by the house. charged for lying under oath to a federal grand jury and obstructing justice.(History, page 1, 1998)

Clinton a liar P#1

The most popular viewpoint of Clintons impeachment is that he was a liar. after saying he never had sexual relationships with Monica Lewinsky. Evidence quickly piled up against what the president had said. This is still a theme with clintons as Hillary is also portrayed as a liar with the email scandal.

Republican Hate P#2

an uncommon viewpoint on the impeachment of president clinton is simply that the Republicans hated him so much they would do anything to impeach him.( The Wall Street Journal, page 1, 2014).

Media Bias

like many situations the media can easily create things to sway public opinions. in the above photo you can see clinton portrayed as a liar with the long nose. However it is common for the media to protect Clinton's actions because many believed he was doing a lot of great things in office.( Gallop, page 1,1999).

cultural criticism

In american culture the president is one of the highest viewed people in the country. When the president does good things it often goes unnoticed. When the president does something bad it quickly blows up and media makes it easy for the public to know about and criticize.

Marxist Criticism

because The United States President has so much power it is easy to incorporate marxist criticism. Everyone has their eye on the president and judges what they do. When someone in great power does something like this the backlash is nationwide.

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