Britain Goes Down!!!

When will they learn we are superior?

Why did it begin?

Britain has long been trying to thwart our efforts to establish ourselves as an independent nation. With their impressment of our American sailors, forcing them to serve in the British Navy, as well as their interference with our shipping practices and westward expansion, we have decided to fight back. Our "War Hawks" in Congress decided to attack British Canada to send a message that we are not a weak nation to agitate.

How I Saw it Happen

The War Through My Eyes

The war of 1812 changed the nation. As a young student during these times, the effects during and after the war changed our ways of life. We were able to produce more goods here in the U.S and rely on international trade less. We became a working nation. Our economy was strong. This led us to be a united nation. We relied on each other and worked together. We didn't fight with each other. For once, we were an independent nation, capable of moving forward and establishing ourselves. I remember seeing posters advertising for the Army and Navy. We weren't afraid of another fight, but we wanted to be ready for anything. I thought of joining. To be able to serve under someone like Andrew Jackson would be thrilling. He is brilliant in battle. His victory in New Orleans is the reason why the ideas of the Federalists at the Hartford Convention never took root. How can you oppose President Madison and the war when we have such an incredible Major General helping to keep this country what it is?