Myrtle Wilson

Maddy Elwick

Bio Poem

  • Myrtle
  • Wife of George Wilson
  • Lover of Tom Buchanan, Puppies, Parties
  • Who feels excited when she sees Tom, Happy when he tells her to go to New York, shocked when he hits her.
  • Who needs more attention than what her husband gives her, a puppy for the apartment, help with her physical appearance
  • Who gives Tom a kiss when she gets in the car, no cares about Nicks thoughts on the affair, a detailing story to Nick about how she met Tom
  • Who fears getting caught by George, upsetting Tom again, not being good enough
  • Who would like to see Tom more often, puppies, New York
  • Resident of Valley of Ashes
  • Wilson



This quote is significant in this story because Myrtle knows that Tom has another woman and wants to remind him of that to almost make him feel guilty in a way. Daisy doesn't know for sure about the affair, but had an idea.