1800 BCE


He founded Judaism.
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Jewish Symbol

Star of David
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Growth Rate Of Judaism Worldwide

As of 2010 there were nearly 14 million Jewish people
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Basic Practices of Judaism.

613 Commandments

Seder - Passover meal

Yom Kippur - Fasting day

Jewish Church

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The Torah

Sacred Text of Judaism
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Jewish Beliefs


3 kinds - Against God, other people, & yourself.

Yom Kippur - Day of receptance

Heaven & Hell

Little known about Jewish afterlife - Moses teaches Torah all day long.

For good people its Heaven & for bad its hell.


Jewish people believe that the world was created in 7 days.

Rich & Poor

It's common to give 1/10th of ones income to God

They say to honor God with your wealth


Jewish people believe that they dont need salvation to be saved

They believe that they have the choice to be good or evil


Two halves becoming one

Destination. Commitment. Affinity.


Abortion is allowed only if there is a threat to the mother