Pre Sports

Arianna Jaramillo period 3

Pre Sports

Pre spots is to get you ready so when you enter sports. It will show you what to expect.

We do a lot of different sports. It is a lot of work ,but it is fun.


The expectations are to try your hardest . Don't have an attitude . Don't get upset if you don't get it the first time. Have fun.

SPORTS that we do.

A link to tell you why is Health important.

Things that we have to follow.

We have to change out, ( change into sports clothes). You must have a gray shirt and navy blue shorts. You also must have a pear of sports shoes. If you can have another extra pear of shoes. Wash days are Thursday and Fridays. The lockers you must not share a looker ever . You must have a lock for the locker. Put all you cloths and shoes in there . Also after put your cloths in that you are wearing. Put your lock back on after you put all your stuff back in. The grading is on how you participate. Also if you try you hardest in trying .Even how you act. And if you do your easement correct. Health day is when you talk about health . You will go over some stuff about sports. You will have assents as well. You will talk about how you do things.