Mrs. Simon's Classroom Buzz

August 19th-23rd, 2019

Attendance and School Mission

It is Schofield’s goal to have an average daily attendance of 96% or higher for each month.

Schofield's Mission: Developing and empowering life long leaders and learners all day, every day.

Important Announcements

August 30th: PTO Chuck-E-Cheese Night

September 2: Labor Day NO SCHOOL

What We Are Learning This Week

Our school improvement goal for Schofield Elementary is to make sure at least 80% of our students are proficient with Missouri Learning Standards for math and literacy. Here is what we will be learning this week to work toward this goal:

Reading: 2.R.2.A.a Describe setting, problems, solutions (plot), sequence of events, and the big idea, moral or lesson

Writing: Setting Up Writer's Workshop

Math: Addition and subtraction within 20.

Science: HE.2.3.2.A.1, A.2 Safety rules, tornado/fire drill procedures

HE.2.3.2.C.1 Explain the use and purpose of safety equipment

HE.2.3.1.A.1, A.2 Communicable vs. Non-Communicable Diseases

HE.2.3.1.E.1 Reducing risk for disease


We are celebrating our differences and similarities in class this week. We are celebrating by playing a "guess who" game to start each school day. Students will work together by using the clues given to try to guess which friend the teacher is speaking of.

Counselor's Corner

Coming soon :)

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