Red Ribbon Week

October 26-30, 2020

Remember we will continue to wear face masks all week

Monday 10/26: Wear red

Roses are red, violets are blue. We don’t do drugs and neither should you. Wear red to show you are drug free!

Tuesday 10/27: Sports/Jersey

Be a team player! Touchdown for no drugs! Wear your favorite sport team shirt, team colors, or dress up in gear needed for your favorite sport.

Wednesday 10/28: Tacky Tourist

See the world through drug free eyes! Wear Hawaiian shirts, fanny packs, socks & sandals and more to become the tackiest tourist possible!

*As a fundraiser for student council, Hawaiian leis will be sold before school from 10/21-10/28 for $1.

Thursday 10/29: Hero Day

Be A Hero, Stand Up To No Drugs! Dress up as your favorite hero from a comic book, TV, movie, or any other hero character you love!

Friday 10/30: Extreme School Pride

We “Pawsitively” Don’t Use Drugs! Wear your Pacheco blue and white colors today. Show your school spirit to say that we will never do drugs! Go all out to show your school spirit!