Mumbai Attacks of 26/11

By: Anuj Gandhi

Pakistani Troops attack India

On November 26, 2008, twelve Pakistani troops attacked six of India's most wonderful tourist areas. Approximately two hundred fifty-seven people were found dead and more than six- hundred people were injured. During this horrible event, eleven of the twelve attackers were also found dead , one was found alive and taken to jail immediately. Many people still wonder how they arrived on Indian grounds, but after interviews with the last terrorist, it was clear that they arrived on an Indian boat after taking it over with gunfire.

The Plan

People often recall the Mumbai attacks as India's "9/11", however the plan was executed much more differently. It all began in Pakistan where a bunch of youngsters needed money to support there family and themselves. They received an offer from a terror group named Lashkar-e- Taiba in which they could earn a large amount of money to bomb and kill as much Indians as possible. The twelve boys accepted the offer and soon took of in a boat towards India. They rapidly found a Indian boat and sailed towards it. Now side by side, they took out their weapons and opened fire. They jumped on the boat and arrived in India.

In India

As they arrived in India, they immediately split into six groups of two to attack the six tourist areas which were; The Taj Mahal Hotel, Cama Hospital, Leopard Café, Rail Terminus, Oberoi Trident hotel and the Mumbai Chabad hotel. They went in six different taxis and successfully planted bombs in them. The terrorists successfully bombed each area, but only some time after the bombings, many of the terrorists either committed suicide or got shot by a police officer.

The After Effect

One troop named Ajmal Kasab (age 22), had later told the the police why and how they had bombed the six tourist areas, however, four years later on November 21, 2012, Ajmal was hanged. Some Pakistani groups threatened India for Ajmal's body back, but these threats were ignored. This fearful event has shaken India. India is now much more aware of what Pakistan can do. If another event like this takes place again, lets hope that India will be much more prepared.