Kangaroo Island

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Welcome to Kangaroo Island

It's all about the wildlife!

Not only do they have a land for Kangaroo's where you can see the Kangaroo's hops and jump around. You can see much much more. You can also visit other parts of Kangaroo island like Seal Bay, SA were you see all of the active seals moving and swimming around. You can go visit some of the wild life in the area then hop on down to the Cape Willoughby Restaurant where you can enjoy a glass of wine and a salad.

Main Attractions

Some of the main attractions at kangaroo Island are:

  • The animals and wild life there. The pink pelicans, koalas, and most defiantly Kangaroos!!!
  • The restaurants The restaurants there serve many different things from meat to salads, from Wine to water.
  • The Extraordinary Rocks. There are many large rocks dated back in history from many different things such as compressing minerals together over years.
  • The historical Cape Willoughby Lighthouse. Here you can relax on the shore or look out to the amazing views.

Information On Kangaroo Island

Want to know more visit this website and map.