Important information for parents, students and staff

We hope the MSA community has been spared any major damage to homes, property, and boats with the passing of Hurricane Nicole. We have been in to assess the school and bazaar stalls, and there has been minimal damage. Other than some flooding in the school and one window falling in, we have been very fortunate. The work done by Luis Martins and his team to secure the bazaar stalls has been outstanding. The crew are in removing the supports and dumpsters as I write this email. We are very grateful to these dedicated members of our MSA family for their commitment to our bazaar and school.

As many of the roads are impassable and families are still needing to clean-up their properties, there will be no school tomorrow, Friday, October 14. If staff are able to come in and assist with the clean-up of the school, this would be appreciated. However, only if it is safe to do so.

It is our intention to have the Bazaar on Saturday, October 15. Parents, students and staff are encouraged to come out and support the Bazaar. On Friday, if you wish to work on the stalls or assist with the baking in preparation for Saturday's bazaar, you are most welcome to provide this support.

Currently, the school does not have power, but we hope it will be restored at some point tomorrow.

Please stay safe and only venture out if is is necessary. Please let the various crews do their work in making our roads passable and safe.