Dropbox Monthly Bulletin

Happy Holidays...it's July!

Videos....Videos...Videos....PLEASE SEND THEM TO US BY AUGUST 15TH

As you know, Mark and Andy have previously asked us for VIDEO's. If you still have some examples you think would be useful please try cropping them yourself, placing them into dropbox or sending them to MALIT on a CD. We are still looking to populate Dropbox with some video clips of the following.

Have you seen examples of:

Module 1

•FLOW - class in flow

•Tarsia - how it engages

•Understanding Performances - learners proving understanding

•3 Minute Motivators - how it helps class to refocus

Module 2

•THE PIT - explained or in action

•Stuckness Routines - in action

•Challenge Barometers - being used

•Graphic Organisers - being used

•Mysteries- being used

•Living Graphs- being used

•Socratic Questioning- being used

Module 3

•Feedback Barometers- being used

•Verbal Feedback stamps- being used

•Laminated rubrics- being used

•Student friendly assessment- being used

•Visualiser to improve work- being used

For those of you who have added examples to June and July's dropbox could you please make sure you have added the teachers names and schools to the spread sheet I have sent you so that Steph can get these out to the staff for the start of the new school year. Thank you.

We wish you a VERY VERY VERY lovely summer and look forward to seeing you in September at the OTI meet up.

Keep sharing!

Wendy and Stephanie

Have you seen something different during your OTI's.......? Can you share it with us and other cohorts?