LayAR & LayAR Creater

Everyday made interesting. By; Jessica Holyfield

What is it?

Layar is an application that you download for free. It allows you to scan items that are embedded with layar and QR codes.

Advertisements become interactive, you can try clothes on models, place furniture in your home, play scavenger hunt games in your backyard and walk around town as your phone points out which restaurant(s) you can walk to.

You can have pacman eat your car!!!

Layar creator is just like it sounds. Have an idea for an augmented reality layar? Create one!

Supports Learning

  • Takes conceptual ideas and allows you to display them in real time.
  • Students can manipulate and expand on ideas and thinking.
  • Allows variety for students.
  • Students can relate to real world instantly.

What would I add?

  • I would add more selections when it came to layar recognition sources (i.e. national geographic, sports illustrated for kids, handwriting, etc).
  • More higher order/project based applications.

What would inhibit learning?

  • So far, only adult reading materials/magazines have layar embedded in them.
  • There are some bugs that need to be worked out. Such as, speed, not scanning items correctly and having a limited amount of followers.