Jessie swartz open house smore

Pioneer Open House

Thursday, May 19th, 6pm

2700 Pioneer Road

Tustin, CA

Earthquake pbl

Driving question: how can you as structual engineer construct a two story house for tony stark that can withstand siesmic activity. My table group used the driving question by using the material wisely. Also saving all the trash that was left over. We built a square base and used the straw wrappers and the string and sewed the papers with a toothpick. The clay was used as glue and held everything together. The main point of the project was working in a team and making a model that can withstand siesmic activity and to understand earthquakes more. By picking a location that was at low risks of earthquakes we became structual enginers.

Videos at the bottom

30 hands project

I learned from the project about climate change, global warming, and the effects of global warming. Also i learned about how humans are effecting the world, and how the warming of the earth is affecting the natural in the enviorment. I enjoyed trying the new app. The app was fun to use because i could redo and keep stuff without have to start all the way over. I also liked making all the pic collages.

Invention convention

The invention convention i am working on in my group is a way to turn the waste/ trash to electricity. This is helping the landfills because we have so many full landfills and the trash. Also a new way to have a electricity without using fossil fuels. This is not a renewable source but, there is many sources of trash they can find.