Costa Rica


General Information

Capital: San Hose

Major Cities: Heredia and Escazu

Costa Rica was once controlled by Spain, but they gained independence on September 15th, 1821. Their official language is still Spanish.

Geographic Info

Costa Rica is sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama, in Central America.

Costa Rica has a few volcanos, some small mountains, and large beaches with clear waters.

Politics ( Since Everyone Loves them )

Costa Rica runs a diplomatic government, led by President Luis Guillermo.

Costa Rica is mostly on good terms with other countries, as they have a great president, export and import many goods, and have relatively small debts.


Currency: Colón

System: Capitalist

Imports: Raw materials, consumer goods, capital equipment, petroleum.

Partners: USA, China, Mexico

Exports: Bannanas, Pineapples, Coffee, Melons, Ornamental Plants, Sugar, Beef, Seafood, Electronic Components, Medical Equipment.

Tourist Info

Come to Costa Rica, as it is home to clear waters on the edge of beatiful beaches, and fresh tasty fruit.

If you visit you must swim, and try some of this fruit.