13e SOL

Post Coldwar

George H. W. Bush 1989-1993

41st President
Communist Fell in Eastern Europe
  • Reunification of Germany (After fall of Berlin Wall- 1989)
  • Collapse of Yugoslavia
  • Soviet State broke up

Persian Gulf War 1990-1991

  • First war where American Women where in combat role
  • Code name: Operation Desert Storm
  • Fought in middle east verses Iraqi Saddam Hussien
  • General Swartzkopf- Commander and Chief
  • Failure to take capital of Iraq (Baghdad)

William "Bill" J. Clintion 1993-2001

42nd President

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

  • Eliminated tariffs on trade between United States, Canada, and Mexico
  • encouraged economic activity between the 3 nations
Full diplomatic relations with Vietnam

NATO action in former Yugoslavia

US economy was out of a deficit

Clinton was challenged by Newt Gingrich (speaker of the house) and the Republican congress using the Contract For America

"Buy one get one free", referring to the election of Bill Clinton along with Hilary Clinton

George W. Bush 2001-2009

  • Terrorists attacks on United States soil
  • World Trade Center, New York City

War in Iraq (2003-2011)

  • US invaded March 2003
  • "Weapons of Mass Destruction"
  • Defeat of Saddam Hussein and Ba'ath Party government

War in Afghanistan (2001-present)

  • country divided on whether we should go/stay in war
  • effort to remove the Taliban specifically al-Queda from power
  • Osama bin Laden