Havana Cuba-City of Angels

With Project Restore

March 11-18, 2017

Enjoy a rare and special opportunity to join Project Restore on an exciting and informative historic preservation trip to Cuba. In an effort to expand its mission to preserve the important cultural and architectural history of our City of Angels you will explore buildings by master Los Angeles architect Welton Becket (the Havana Hilton) and have the chance to see Ernest Hemingway's home and raise a glass to him in his favorite local bar. You will also visit the Viñales region of Cuba, including a visit to a workign tobacco farm in this idyllic country setting. This is your opportunity to experience the rich architectural diversity of this magic island and meet dedicated Cuban preservationists who are maintaining the integrity of the country's many historically important buildings.

The month of March is an excellent time to visit the tropical island. The days are mild and the Caribbean trade-winds roll in during the evenings, making for delightful nighttime activities.

This seven night/eight day program focuses on meeting everyday Cuban people, learning about historic preservation and urban issues from Cuban experts in the fields of preservation policy and implementation, and seeing architectural preservation projects on the island. You will also hear lots of wonderful Cuban music and visit a variety of artists' studios, museums and galleries.

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Project Restore relights the iconic Los Angeles Neon sign in Havana!

In an effort to strengthen the ties between our two cities, Project Restore will relight this historic neon sign that bears our LA city name. Havana is experiencing a restoration of its historic neon signage which have been dormant for over sixty years. The Teatro Los Angeles opened its doors on the 9th of March, 1949 as a neighborhood theater with 1300 seats and was the site of many Hollywood premieres of the era. Almost exactly 67 years later Project Restore will participate in this exciting restoration process and you will witness the historic relighting of our city's namesake to its former glory as part of our visit to Havana.

LA Times article including our trip!

The LA Times recently featured our trip in an article about restoring neon in Havana!

Architecture, art, music, food and the people of Cuba!

Cuba offers a wealth of architectural diversity, and we will visit buildings in a multitude of styles, including Colonial, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Mid Century and Post Modern. Cuba's glorious architecture and the preservation narrative behind it will be the main focus of this trip. And Cuba's iconic music, art and culture will be part of the conversation.

Most importantly, making substantive connections with the Cuban people will complete the picture of Cuba that you will experience. You'll participate in discussions about Cuban art, urbanism and culture with some of the island’s most articulate cultural thinkers, and experience the country’s lively music and deep roots.

Havana has become a foodie town with the advent of many new paladares (home restaurants) opening recently. Get ready to sample a wide variety of interesting traditional and creative new food.

It's now easier to visit Cuba!

On January 16, 2015 President Barack Obama liberalized People to People educational travel, which now allows Americans to travel to Cuba without all of the paperwork previously needed. This makes travel to Cuba infinitely easier. People to People travel is not tourist oriented or self-directed but it is both rewarding and unique. It allows participants to visit a wide scope of organizations, institutions, and community projects that provide a deeper understanding of Cuba, its people and its culture. Our trip includes a full time schedule of educational exchange activities designed to promote meaningful interactions between Americans and the people of Cuba.

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Your Itinerary

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Program Price

Land $ 3,965.00 Per passenger.

Air $ 1000.00 LAX-Hav- LAX

Total $ 4965.00 Per passenger. $ 750.00 single supplement

Trip Details

Your trip begins in Los Angeles LAX with a chartered flight to Havana, where you will stay for four nights in the fully restored historic Hotel Telegrafo in the middle of Old Havana. You will enjoy several days of exploration and discovery in the Cuban capital, then travel by luxury, air-conditioned private motor coach to the mythic country village of Vinales where you will have an extraordinary time in Cuban tobacco country.

You will join Project restore President Ed Avila as well as experienced Cuban-American study leader, Adolfo Nodal, and an excellent, fully bilingual Cuban guide.

The trip includes 17 meals: daily breakfasts at the hotels, and a variety of lunches and dinners. There will be time for dining and exploring on your own.

* Meet and greet at the Los Angeles International Airport

* Round trip air LAX-Hav-LAX, Departure Tax at LAX

* Arrival assistance at Jose Marti Airport HAV

* Cuban Visa

* Licensing paperwork for People to People or Professional Research travelers

* Transfers in and out from the airport to hotel in Cuba

* Medical Insurance in Cuba (see exhibit 3)

* Accommodations for 7 nights Hotel Telegrafo(HAV) * Daily breakfast at the hotels * 4 dinners
* 6 Lunches (17 meals total)
* 4 Visits to museums or organizations

* A day trip to the country area of Vinales with lunch & visit to Tobacco Plantation

* The relighting of the Los Angeles Sign as a contribution to the people of Havana

* An official lighting ceremony to relight the sign as a group

* Luxury Motor coach &/or van transportation for the whole program

* Full translation by professional Cuba based guide

* Group led by Adolfo V Nodal

* Specialists to provide expertise in various subjects
* Artist studio visits as required in Itinerary

* Program Management in Cuba

* Our Cuba Travel Tips publication and other traveler guidance



*Tips per person (Guide and Driver, baggage handlers & restaurants)

*Airport departure tax upon departing Havana (CUC 25/ USD 30)

*Single room differential ( $750)

*Trip Interruption Insurance

*All other items not listed in “PROGRAM PRICE INCLUDES”


Departure is a few short months away. This is the perfect time to book this special visit to Cuba. Sign up now to ensure your place; reservations are accepted on a first come first served basis.

To sign up please click this button

Once you sign up, you will receive a set of forms by return e mail that you will need to print, fill out, and return. Don't forget to sign them!

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Your trip host

Adolfo V. Nodal is devoted to a vibrant cultural landscape for both Los Angeles and Havana. A native of Cuba, he is Co-Founder and a Partner at Cuba Tours and Travel. He was General Manager of the City of LA’s Department of Cultural Affairs for 12 years ending in 2000. After that he was President of the LA Cultural Affairs Commission for three years. He has also served in other LA City Commissions and until last year was the President of the Sister Cities of Los Angeles Association. In 2003, Al published Memoria: Cuban Art of the Twentieth Century. Al is a committed neon sign restorer having relit over two hundred historic signs in the City of Los Angeles through the LUMENS project that he founded and ran for over 25 years.

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Project Restore

Project Restore, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1986 to recapture the splendor of the Public Works Session Room in Los Angeles City Hall by replicating the original wooden pews which had been removed. With the completion of the seismic retrofit of Los Angeles City Hall and the restoration of a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home, the Hollyhock House, our organization remains dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of valuable city buildings. Our organization’s unique public-private partnership has allowed us to successfully restore historic city landmarks which play a unique role as centerpieces of our city’s history. As emblems of city pride, they showcase the best architectural talents of their time.

Thanks to Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who has identified close to $1.9 million dollars in funding to jumpstart the major restoration of Residence “A” at Barnsdall Art Park, Project Restore is now ready to embark on yet another challenging restoration project. Our staff will begin negotiations with various city departments and restoration specialists to restore this 1920s Arts and Crafts-style building, also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Simultaneously, Project Restore is implementing the first stages of a long-term conservation plan of the Los Angeles City Hall decorative paint and ceiling murals designed by two famous artisans, Anthony Heinsbergen and Herman Sachs. A multi-year study and comprehensive conservation report has been completed and Project Restore will be seeking funds to implement the report’s recommendations. The goal is to raise enough funds to complete the full restoration and preservation project.

I invite you to visit our website and monitor our progress and share my excitement for what lies ahead. Together we can continue to preserve our heritage for many generations to come!

— Tim Psomas, Chairman

Project Restore

Cuba Tours and Travel

Cuba Tours and Travel has over fifteen years of experience offering expert-driven cultural travel to Cuba. Our management and program-design team, working together with a team of superb Cuban travel associates in both Havana and Miami, are uniquely suited to offer you the finest in-depth travel program to the island. We are licensed by the US Treasury Department and are fully insured. Most importantly, we have an abiding love for Cuban art and culture and have strong connections to the cultural institutions on the island.

Cuba Tours and Travel is a full-service agency licensed by the U.S. Government

TSP# CU-077926-b. CST number 2073790-40

We are located at

320 Pine Avenue, Suite 503

Long Beach, CA 90802

For more information please write to customerservice@cubatoursandtravel.com

or call us at 888 225-6439

For more information on OFAC licensing please visit the following document:


Infrastructure in Cuba may not be maintained as well as participants are used to, resulting in potential challenges and risks. Participants must be careful walking, and aware of their surroundings at all times. Participants will be required to sign a waiver releasing the Los Angeles Conservancy from liability. Cuba does not have accessibility laws and some sites may not be accessible to travelers with limited mobility. Please contact us with any questions.

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