Friday's Thoughts

November 13, 2015

Looking Ahead

We are moving into a busy season with the holidays upon us! I know it can be most difficult to keep students focused and working during this time of the year. Remember to keep best practices in mind as you plan over the next weeks such as meaningful, engaging lessons, assessing to inform your instruction, no time off task, recess limited to 25 minutes, and consistent classroom management. These are all practices you use daily, so this is just to reinforce what you already do. These practices will help you keep your sanity as we move into an exciting time of the year!

Happy Weekend to you all!


Faculty Meeting

We will meet Tuesday afternoon at 3:10 in the library. Katie will be training us on Discovery Ed. and we will work on AdvancEd. Please plan to attend.

Friday with K & M

We will not meet Friday during planning due to having the faculty meeting Tuesday and you having a meeting Tuesday during your planning with Tamara.

United Way

If you plan to contribute to United Way, please do so before Wednesday.

Board in the Conference Room

Please update the board in the conference room. Thanks!