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Instead of New Year's Resolutions that you don't ever keep!

One Word...All Year

Have you already thrown your New Year's Resolutions out the window? Or are you in the minority and are actually sticking to them? Either way, here's something to consider!

Here's how my New Year's Resolutions usually end up! Check out the video below.

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One Word That Will Change Your Life

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So, how do you choose a word? How can you decide on just ONE word? Here are some great ideas to help you!

Three Easy Steps To Find Your One Word For 2015

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By Kim Denne

For the past several years, it’s been trendy to choose one word for the year. This may not be a new concept to you, as I am sure you’ve seen the term thrown around online, but picking one word out of all of the glorious, interesting, provoking, meaningful, wondrous, and reflective words out there can be downright intimidating! Let’s work through a simple process to help you whittle down all those words to find your One Word today.

We are going to find one word that can be your focus, your mantra, the word that will guide you through the whole year. When you need a break – go to your word. When you are stressed – repeat your word. When you need strength or a lift, this word will be there for you!

Step 1: Take a few minutes to sum up what you want in 1 Paragraph. That’s 5 sentences total. Make it personal, specific, and important. It may sound something like, “This year, I will build my direct sales business by growing my Team. I will be sure to work my personal business at the level of the Leader I desire to be, even before I am officially promoted to that level. I will take responsibility for making sure the work needed to make this a reality gets done. 2015 will be the year when I accept no excuses or let any distractions get in the way of what I want. I will be proud of what I have accomplished at the end of everyday.”

Step 2: Now, take that paragraph and reduce it to 1 sentence that sums up what you want to achieve. Your one sentence should encompass the most important items in your paragraph. This can be tough because we really have to declutter our thinking and boil it down to the essentials. Using the example above, this one sentence may sound like: “2015 will be the year where I accept no excuses for making my dream of becoming a (Leadership Level) a reality, and I will make sure I am doing the tasks necessary on a daily basis to add team members and reach the sales level I need.”

Step 3: Finally, take a few minutes to look at your sentence and decide what your One Word will be for 2015. It doesn't have to be a word that is in that sentence, it can be one that sums it up. It could be a noun, or what you actually want. It could be a verb, or what you are going to do. Make it an adjective to describe how you want to feel. This word can be whatever you want it to be. Whatever you can hold on to and focus on when you need that extra push or guidance.

Your Challenge

Your challenge this week is to decide on your #onelittleword, create a poster with your one little word, and share it on Google Plus, using the #onelittleword and #hsmstrojans hashtags!

Be creative! Take a picture, design a graphic, paint it on a canvas. You may find a picture online through an image search, but make sure it doesn't have ANY text on it. You will need to create your own poster and add your text. You can add your one little word, and even include a definition or a quote if you want. Part of this challenge includes learning HOW to create a poster with text using an app on your iPad or Chromebook. Create it in a way that you can post it somewhere to remind yourself every day!

PicMonkey is a great app to use on the Chromebooks. If you are on an iPad, some great options include PicCollage, Skitch, or Snapseed.

Posting on Google Plus is easy. You already have a Google Plus account through your school Google account. Simply sign into your Google account and go to OR click on the +Your name at the top right hand of the Google search page.

Check out some of your creations here!